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Emulating the Enemy, 2007-02-23

I’m not one to make a routine habit of reading journal’s, blogs or other material that is very biased one direction or another. I don’t read Al Franken for the same reason I don’t read Ann Coulter. However there is an excellent article that caught my eye in my Google Reader that I just couldn’t resist.

I know is the paragon of Liberal values (ambiguously defined) but I couldn’t help but agree wholeheartedly with Glenn Greenwald’s Emulating the Enemy post. 

Pop Quiz time, Match the statements with their respective owners. 1) Mahmoud Ahmadinejad or 2) Donald Rumsfield?

Statement A: “If we show weakness in front of the enemy the expectations will increase but if we stand against them, because of this resistance, they will retreat,…”

Statement B: “…it should be clear that not only is weakness provocative but the perception of weakness on our part can be provocative as well. . . .”

Does it matter. Ok fine Statement A = Ahmadinejad and Statement B = Rumsfield.

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