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Jews rule the Fixed Earth via Evolution, 2007-02-16

A fascinating story about a memo sent to lawmakers in several states from Georgia State representative Ben Bridges. It asks the state legislatures to ban evolution because evolution is a “…scenario [that] is derived concept-for-concept from Rabbinic writings in the mystic ‘holy book’ Kabbala dating back at least two millennia.” [Link to original memo]

Ben Bridges denies this despite contradictory statements from close associates. Of course it’s hard to deny you sent a memo that bears your name and then make statements that you agree with the “Fixed Earth” argument “more than I would the Big Bang theory or the Darwin theory.” But never fear Texas State legislature Warren Chisum helped Ben “Can’t rock my world” Bridges with a favor and circulated the memo around the Texas Legislature as well.

Read more on how the universe revolves around the Earth and prepare to have your mind blown. [Link]



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