Aggregating Skeptical Thought

Second Life Liberation Army, 2007-02-26

I’m not entirely sure how this is related to skepticism in general but Yahoo News is running an article entitled, Virtual Terror strikes Second Life. I find it entirely fascinating that in a virtual world created by a corporation (Linden Labs) that a group calling itself the Second Life Liberation Army has much grounds to wreak havoc (mock terrorism) to turn Second Life into a democracy.

The story reports the use of “virtual bombs” that sound like exploding snowballs. Really more of an annoyance than anything else. I wonder how tongue-in-cheek the Second Life community will take it when these mock-terrorists find a real way to cause real damage, such as, destruction of avatars, created objects, Linden dollars or whatever they are called.

I’m filing this under Politics (kind of fits).


Filed under: Politics

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