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The Environmental Heretic, 2007-03-03

Check out the article, Stewart Brand has become a heretic to environmentalism, via

Stewart Brand was and remains to be an important voice both in environmentalism and science. While he had a more apocalyptic vision of our future (Ehrlich of Population Bomb fame was a mentor) he’s mellowed with age. He’s embracing nuclear power, genetically modified foods and large urban megacities as important for environmentalists to embrace.

There are a lot of quotes I could mine from this article but this one has stuck out at me.

“My trend has been toward more rational and less romantic as the decades go by,” he says. “I keep seeing the harm done by religious romanticism, the terrible conservatism of romanticism, the ingrained pessimism of romanticism. It builds in a certain immunity to the scientific frame of mind.”

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  1. James Aach says:

    FYI: Mr. Brand has also been kind enough to endorse my novel of nuclear power, based on my twenty years in the US nuclear industry, as a useful overview of the good and the bad of atomic power. It is available free online at and also in paperback via online retailers.

    “I’d like to see Rad Decision widely read.” – Stewart Brand

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