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I had previously posted that some Global Climate change skeptics believe the current global warming trends are due to cosmological sources and not generated by us. The folks over at Real Climate take another look at some of the same information including the new terminology that is being floated out there.  Article is very nerdy science stuff but just nod and smile through the parts you don’t understand just like I do.

Cosmoclimatology is to Milankovitch cycles as Intelligent Design is to Creationism.

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  1. Greg Goodknight says:

    The cosmoclimatology crowd are not global climate change skeptics. They do believe in climate change, just not the one deemed the one true theory.

    While the atmospheric computer modelers at RealClimate skoff, CERN has funded the experiment, CLOUD, with early data expected summer 2007 and the full experiment operating in 2010:

    All of the CERN collaborators are real scientists at real institutions. This is mainstream science.

  2. John Clarkson says:

    Actually Svensmark’s ideas are as bad as the current model of climate change. If one considers the situation carefully one must conclude that it would be stupid to assert a SINGLE cause to climate alterations over any period of time. This is because there are clearly many causes. The thickness of the atmosphere, the Earth’s spin, the distance to the Sun, encounters with particles from outer space, changes in the higher atmosphere, volcanoes, cloud formations from whatever sources, human activity (tree felling and burning for example) magnetism (solar and earth) and of course direct meteoroid impacts and airbursts. Oh and perhaps CO2 and other GHGs may have some potential, though we need to note how small they are and whether we can prove feedback mechanisms. Although some scientists like to have beautiful models, with one main cause, the world simply isn’t like this!

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