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Lake Monster Mysteries Review

I just finished reading Lake Monster Mysteries by Benjamin Radford and Joe Nickell.

Being a skeptic I found it a great book for digging into some of the falsehoods and misrepresentations that you get from a lot of “Nessie” proponents and their like. I do like the fact they spend most of their time not talking about “Nessie” and instead talk about other less notable lake monsters such as Champ and Ogopogo as well as lesser monsters from Lake George and Silver Lake.

Now I will say that they do spend quite a bit of time on-site doing research however some of their research seems a little spotty. Their “Nessie” review was more desktop than on-site but honestly Nessie has been explored from a million different angles it’s not likely that they could contribute anything new.

They did a new interview with the woman that took one of the most famous photos of Champ. I think that they did a pretty good job of showing that the photo was probably a log.

Again like a lot of these books you are not going to convince anyone of something different but if you want to be armed with some good arguments for when you end up having to talk to some of these people this would be your book.

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