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Sexualizing baseball?

Apparently in the Online Journalism Review they have an article, Eyetracking points the way to effective news article design, that includes a picture of a baseball batter and the eye movements of both male and female participants. Some people, kottke, are making a fuss about how men stare at other men’s crotches.

I’ve deliberately not posted anything on this to give some other bloggers time to do so. I’ve been waiting for someone to hit upon what I thought was the most obvious explanation for this almost immediately.

I don’t think this is a sexual-all-guys-are-gay-they-just-don’t-know-it type of thing. In fact the folks at Skepchick nailed it right on the head. I shall now quotemine

The Eyetracker begs to differ. I pointed out the study to my coworker: “When shown a photo of a guy at bat, women focused on his head and men focused on his head and his crotch.”

“Well yeah,” he said, “That’s the strike zone.”

That was the first thing I saw, the men check out the face to figure out if they know the player, they then check out the strike zone which is centered on the crotch in fact you can even see where men anticipated the swing this player would have had by the fainter purple areas to the left of the player.

While it’s true men think about sex all the time, I’m not thinking this is one of them.

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