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Daylight Savings time joke?

I will refrain from any southerner jokes (mostly because I live in Indiana) but here’s a link to an editorial in an Arkansas newspaper, Daylight exarcerbates warming, blaming Daylight Savings Time for global warming.

Fortunately, it appears this may be a joke

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If only they weren’t atheists

A Tom Tomorrow cartoon at explaining why the recent dustup surrounding the death of Pat Tillman is because is family is atheists.

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When Giant Carbon Vacuums Attack

Giant Carbon Vacuums could cool Earth, Is that all we have to do?

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Herbalife and Rick Ross

Abel Pharmboy posts on the revelations of an Herbalife payoff to a Nobel laureate. Also in the article is a link to Rick Ross’s that attempts to track all kinds of “cults, destructive cults and controversial groups”.

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What IS a non-believer to make of death?

ScienceBlog’s asks the question.

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Tesla’s Purple Energy Shield.

If you don’t already subscribe to Orac’s Friday Dose of Woo then I suggest you get right on it, mister. Here’s a recent one, Tesla’s Purple Energy Shield. Poor Tesla first he gets blamed for blowing up Siberia and now this.

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More on the confusing SCOTUS decision

Quick entry from Scientific Activist on the recent ruling by SCOTUS upholding the “partial-birth abortion” ban.

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Global Warming = Earlier Springs, not so bad, is it?

SciAm article on visible signs of Global Warming.

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Because Fantasy-based Reality is lame

Mike Dunford blogs about the Campaign for a Reality-based Reality.

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100% Organic and Naturally-selected.

Make sure you have time to read this one, What makes natural selection a process powerful enough to bring about the evolution of adaptations?, but it covers the topic quite thoroughly without gettting too sciency, I think I made up my second word this week.

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