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Well another graduate student has ushered in the apocalypse with her innocuously titled post, Antioxidants in Berries Increased by Ethanol (but Are Daiquiris Healthy?). It just sounds like the end of intellectual property in America. Ok, I’m being dramatic, but apparently the folks at Wiley & Sons are as well.

Here’s a brief synapsis of the situation as detailed by Respectful Insolence’s very own Orac,

“…[Shelley Batts] did an analysis that showed that the paper did not show quite what the press was representing it as showing. In her post, she used a figure from the paper under the ‘fair use’ doctrine to illustrate her point, and within a day received a letter from a [Wiley & Sons] lawyer threatening legal action if she did not immediately remove the figure.”

Here’s a number of posts taking issue with Wiley & Sons threatened lawsuit in that it not only trampled on the doctrine of fair use and undermined independent analysis of scientific data but it was just plain mean.

And the point of publishing scientific findings was what again? (via Adventures in Ethics and Science)

Fair Use and Open Science (via Blog Around the Clock)

Blogging and ‘Fair Use’ ( via Highly Allochthonous)

Journal bullying of a grad student (via Terra Sigillata)

Blogging at Lawyerpoint : Intellectual Property Maximalism is Bad for Science (via Galactic Interactions)

Hit Wiley Publishing Hard (via Mike the Mad Biologist)

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