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Canadians are such lightweights

Turns out there is a reason that Canadians take themselves so lightly.  I didn’t know this but part of Canada actually has lower gravity than it’s surroundings. It looks like the biggest difference is up in the Northwest Territory but still you could go visit.

The coolest part is how these differences in gravity were measured. Read the article in New Scientist, Satellites solve mystery of low gravity over Canada, for more details but basically there are 2 satellites that orbit together with one ahead of the other. When one satellite is pulled slightly closer than the other the difference in gravity somehow is measured (I’m sure it’s by magic) .

Now I’m no scientist but when the article says one satellite “would be pulled ever-so-slightly closer to Earth” that is probably an understatement.  I wonder what “ever-so-slightly” means? Maybe I will dig around and see if I can come up with something or maybe I will just wait for the Bad Astronomer to post on this.

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