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A new atheist mom on the block

I found a reference to this (via The Friendly Atheist) about a new blog, Chai Mama, for atheist and agnostic parents. I will be curious to see what kind of resources this blog will provide.  The blog appears to be very early in it’s development so stay tuned.  The comments appear to be moderated but here’s what I posted.

I am an atheist father of 2 boys (8 & 10) and my wife is an agnostic. If you want to know a little about me you can go to my blog (should link from my name). I was raised evangelical Christian and have taken many different paths to get to where I am today.

My children profess a belief in God but have no defined idea of what God is. I am definitely curious how you raise an atheist child without making them obsessed with God or cynical.

I have also had difficulty in choosing where I volunteer my time because there are few non-religious charities. In fact, the safest bet for volunteering is with environmental causes since these are rarely sponsored by religious organizations.

Anyway I wish you luck on this blog and let me know if you need any help.

skeptigator at the gmail dot com

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