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Poor Russell Simmons

I may be late to the game here but it appears that Russell Simmons has a new book, Do You, that espouses the woo-woo of the Laws of Attraction. For those who don’t know who Russell Simmons is he is the founder of Def Jam records and helped take Hip Hop out of the underground (he originally signed and promoted LL Cool J and Run DMC) and make it more mainstream.

His new book details his 12 laws of success. Seems like your common fare for an inspirational book that will repeat the same motivational stuff of a million other books. But his book goes one step further by espousing the Laws of Attraction.

Just as another shot here is a blog post over at Laws of Attraction giving you 3 links to Oprah shows that featured Laws of Attraction mumbo jumbo. Worth a watch if you can stomach it. Just think of how many people that are watching this from someone they trust like Oprah.

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