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Canada Turns the Corner

Canadian Conservatives Announce Global-Warming Initiative, that’s the headline. It’s a very aggressive goal out of Ottawa especially given their track record and that they are 30% above 1990 levels. The Liberal opposition also wants to ban the sale of incandescent bulbs by 2012. CFL bulbs are really amazing when it comes to energy-efficiency however people do need to be reminded that they need to be disposed of properly because of the mercury in them.

As a side note I am in the process of replacing all of our bulbs to CFLs and have found some bulbs are less than great. The only thing that I have come across is that some take too long to get bright and don’t get all that bright when they do. I’ve found that for just a little bit more money the GE 26-watt (100-watt equivalent) CFLs come on quick and get bright quickly, oh and they actually get bright. The 26-watt bulbs are a little less efficient but so much better than the off-brand Bright Effects or whatever they are called. I wonder if GE will pay me for the plug.

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