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China 1, USA 0

I think this might be a bit of an embarrasment if its true but Christian Science Monitor is reporting, Is China outdoing US in curbing carbon?. China has the poor human rights record, a less than free form of government and they are building a coal-fired power plant every week and yet they will be doing a better job of cutting carbon than us. I suppose if you have an administration that only just acknowledges that global warming even exists.

Great quote

But if Congress doesn’t recognize China’s actions, the US might end up delaying climate-change policy for no good reason, some say. “For some lawmakers, their opposition has turned from ‘we shouldn’t do this because climate change isn’t occurring’ to ‘we shouldn’t do this because what we do has no meaning if China doesn’t act,’ ” says Kyle Danish, a partner at Van Ness Feldman, a Washington law firm specializing in energy and environmental issues.

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