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David Plotz has been “Blogging the Bible” since September of 2006. Plotz is “a proud Jew, but never a terribly observant one”. His commentary is sometimes hilarious and sometime enlightening and always interesting. Interesting because here’s someone of Jewish descent who is reading the Torah (Christan Old Testament) for the first time, ever.  His introduction tells of him sitting through a bat mitzvah bored out of his mind (because it’s in Hebrew and he can’t understand anything going on) and he picks up the Torah and reads of the rape of Jacob’s daughter Dinah (Genesis 34) and then comments that the ensuing hilarity shows that  

“…the founding fathers of the 12 tribes of Israel lie, breach a contract, encourage pagans to convert to Judaism only in order to incapacitate them for slaughter, murder some innocents and enslave others, pillage and profiteer, and then justify it all with an appeal to their sister’s defiled honor. “

I had been following for sometime but lost track around Joshua. He’s now up to Nehemiah and you can spend hours reading his commentary. The commentary is separated by book and is not a complete analysis but simply gets at the gist of each book.

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  1. Paul says:

    I did something similar with the entire Bible over the course of a year and a half, but it is by no means professional-seeming….

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