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Throwing Nica Lalli to the wolves

bug_girl over at Skepchick gave their faithful audience a heads up that Nica Lalli, author of the book Nothing: Something to believe in,  would be facing off with Kenneth Ham (of Creation Nauseum fame) on Fox & Friends. I made a point to tune in and was very fortunate to only have to sit through 5 minutes of the inane banter. Nica is a brave person for going against someone like Ham who is clearly in his element. These 6 minute interview/debates are perfectly geared towards someone with no substance and only wants to hammer a particular point and launch ad hominem attacks.  I think Nica did as good a job as possible given the format, the only thing Ham wanted to do was “discredit” Nica by claiming she was irrational, and by claiming I mean nearly screaming. You know the scream that isn’t quite a scream. Where the phrase, “You are just irrational” has the word irrational spoken about an octave higher than the rest of the sentence. If I see this posted to youtube or something I will re-edit the post to include the clip

Here’s a post from “Aces Full of Links” about the interview as well.

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