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Oprah’s Secret to child abuse

I stumbled across this extraordinarily sad example of damage that can be done to someone from believing that “The Secret” and the Laws of Attraction are anything but a load of psychobabble and lies. This stuff just enrages me, especially when it comes to child abuse. Oh and guess who is promoting this stuff, Oprah!!!

The “author” of this post on youtube has forbidden embedding (in the interest of spreading the “word”, no doubt). But here is the link This is an excerpt of an interview with Esther Hicks (channeling Abraham or some crap like that) on Oprah’s XM channel.

Oprah at one point asks the question, “how an innocent child attracts being raped, an innocent child attracts being abused, an innocent child attracts being kidnapped and butchered”. Esther (or Abraham or whatever) answers that just because they don’t have language doesn’t mean they aren’t “attracting”. Or maybe this is a little cynical and I am paraphrasing but it sounds like just because a 2-year-old can’t speak it doesn’t mean that they aren’t “vibrating” and “attracting” molestation (or “asking for it”).

Oprah like all rational people says, “huh?, that didn’t make sense that a child vibrates to be raped”. Just kidding (and I wish I weren’t). She accepts this non-answer without condition and moves on. Start at the 4:00 minute mark.

This is ridiculous!!! If this isn’t Blame-The-Victim and opens the door for some wicked justification, I don’t know what is. And just to hammer the point home, here are comments from a sadly deluded person named jaguarnoelle

I thought myself about the question of how a child could attract abuse. Personally I feel that on some level before I came to this body I chose to undergo abuse in order to make me stronger and more compassionate. I know though that beyond that, as a child I believed myself subject to the will of my parents.

It was my parents that allowed such abuse. I was not protected from it. Not knowing that it was me who could protect me meant that I was unable to for many years until I changed that belief.

Here is a person that claims to have been abused and has found a way (like many abused children) to blame themselves but now they have quantum physics and Oprah to back up this position.

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  1. jaguarnoelle says:

    You’ve misinterpreted my comments. I didn’t “find a way to blame” myself.
    I know that everyone is responsible for their actions.
    That being said, believing that one is without power in a situation is a certain way of making sure that one can not exercise any power they do have.
    Fear stops many people from doing what could protect themselves. The sooner one learns that they can take care of them self, the sooner one will.
    Anyway, I don’t blame myself for what they did. What they did is their responsibility, not mine.
    What I did do was learn how to care for myself.

    Anyway, I’m not a victim and I’m not victimizing myself. Thanks anyway, but the label of broken self lacerating victim is not one I’ll be taking on today.

    Have a beautiful day.

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