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A New Nessie sighting plus video

Discovery News is reporting, Man Claims to Have Loch Ness Video, that a new higher quality video of Nessie was taken over the weekend. 

Here’s a youtube of a Fox and Friends interview with Adrian Shine. The expert quoted in the Discovery News article and the video piece is Adrian Shine (the man with the Moses beard) of the Loch Ness Project. Of course, the “amateur scientist” thinks its real. What’s an amateur scientist?

Adrian Shine seems to have the proper scientific approach although he clearly promotes Nessie tourism and his bread and butter seems to come from keeping the “search alive”.

According to the Skeptics Dictionary (look under Is it a fish, a wake, a wave?) Adrian Shine early on hypothesized that Nessie could indeed be a kind of Baltic sturgeon. Although now Shine believes that an underwater wave is the most likely explanation.

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