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Bad science at the BBC

Language Log has a great post about a BBC reporter watch the video (skip to 3:00 minute mark) over at Bad Science, Wi-Fi Wants To Kill Your Children. Bad Science does a greate job of following through on some other behind the scenes items that never made it into the broadcast. It’s an egregious example of reporting that panders to a sensationalistic style of reporting, simple scaremongering.

My favorite part (about 14 minutes in) is with a poor woman who is convinced that she is being poisoned by microwave signals and she goes on to demonstrate that aluminum wrapped around her detector (which converts microwave readings into sound) will lessen the effect of the microwave and she goes on to prove it. Um… It’s wrapped in aluminum foil (including the speaker) which reduces the sound because it’s now wrapped in aluminum foil. 

By the way, the consultant they use Alasdair Philips is an activist from Powerwatch and purveyor of the radiation monitors (calibrated with a red level as determined by them), tinfoil hats and ridiculously expensive paint that will shield you from this radiation.

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