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Richard Dawkins YouTube trolling

I could spend hours on YouTube. Here are some clips from Richard Dawkins.

Discovery New show “The Big Question: Why are we here?” hosted by Dawkins

CSPAN Q&A, hilarious interaction between a biology student from Liberty University and Dawkins

Speaking on his new book “The God Delusion” and biblical morality

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2 Responses

  1. Fae L. Kaufman says:

    After living 82 years, I find it most refreshing and hopeful that a number of human beings are beginning to think….In reading a book by Alice Roosevelt, the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt who, in her book, mentions a book that she thought was excellent….”The Golden Bough”. I purchased this book and the barbaric attitudes are living and well to this day….As for the discussion of religion, especially in the Hebrew Scriptures, there can be much discussion about the mythological recitation but as others have picked up the stories, they have altered them to suit their purpose….I do see how stories are twisted and adapted for purpose of control and intimidation.
    Thank you Richard Dawkins. I love your books….Fae L. Kaufman.

  2. Skeptigator says:

    Thanx Fae, I appreciate your comments

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