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Good bye Mr. Wizard

Like so many I fondly remember watching Mr. Wizard on Nickelodeon as a child (early 80’s). He always had these really cool experiments he would do with stuff you could find in your kitchen or bathroom. Of course, my mother did her part to squash this little budding scientist (“Don’t you even think about mixing bleach and ammonia!!!”). Now that I’m older that was probably a bad idea, thanks Mom.

I do distinctly remember one experiment on how fast sound travels where he shot a starter pistol from one end of a walkie-talkie and then a kid timed the difference between hearing it in the walkie-talkie and actually hearing it from across the football field. I was blown away that sound behaved that way. (“I wonder if the bullet gets there before the sound does?”, “Boys!!! Don’t even think about it”,  “*whine*Oh mom*whine*”)

Actually now that I think about it maybe Mr. Wizard wasn’t such a great influence.

Anyway, here’s a great article from Wired including an email interview, Mr. Wizard Gives a Last Interview.


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