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The new old atheism

Here’s a recent editorial from the Orlando Sentinel, New atheists, ancient argument, that reviews by Richard Dawkins’ and Christopher Hitchens’ new books, The God Delusion and god is not Great, respectively. The author of the review concludes with the following paragraph and I do have to agree with him.

Dawkins seems to think that a world-class knowledge of biology (which he undoubtedly has) can make up for the complete lack of philosophical or theological sophistication with which he is afflicted, while Hitchens appears content to be clever and amusing rather than strive for intellectual profundity.

I don’t agree that Dawkins lacks “philosophical or theological sophistication” however I do agree that Dawkins overwhelming knowledge of biology does present a bit of barrier to entry for the common man. And Hitchens does appear to be content at being clever and amusing, which he is.

I just finished reading “god is not Great” and I found the book rather enjoyable and I am letting my father borrow it. Being a conservative Christian I’ll wait and see what he has to say. I don’t think he will find many of the arguments (particularly about the Old Testament) very compelling. We’ll see. I might do a review but his book has been reviewed to death already.

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