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Dawkins the science pimp?

Vox Day is a regular commentary on WorldNetDaily by a Christian Libertarian, read his views on abortion and homosexuality, very fascinating. Anyway, he has a recent post, Prostituting Science, regarding the recent books from the New Atheists (Dawkins, Dennett and Hitchens, among others).

His critique is specifically aimed at Richard Dawkins and how he believes that Mr. Dawkins is hiding behind the cloak of science and blaming religion in order to further his political agenda. Vox Day’s argument comes down to his belief that the New Atheists believe that science should be the source of our belief systems (as a replacement for religion). Here’s the main quote that I think sums up where he goes astray.

Science is very good at answering questions that begin with “what” and “how,” it is significantly less useful for answering questions that begin with “should.”

Maybe I am missing something but I’ve read both Hitchens and Dawkins latest books and none of them said our moral and ethical systems should be science. That doesn’t even make sense since science can’t do that. This is essentially a strawman argument. Dawkins puts forth a very compelling argument that human reason and logic should be the source of our morals. Yes, we must use science in understanding our world not some supernatural dogma about T-Rex on the Ark or other such baloney. But science cannot be a moral guide that just doesn’t make sense.

That’s like saying, “We must now look at the hammer to determine what our house should like. ” You cannot look at the tool to determine the architecture you must look to the architect. A humanist will say the architect is humanity not a god. In fact, the recent spate of atheist books particularly Hitchens go a long way in showing that what has been historically interpreted as God’s Word (and the source of our morals) is not in fact God but man anyway.


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