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Poor defenseless god

Across the pond the Daily Mail has an article, Won’t anyone stand up for God?  Poor defenseless god 😦 The article is mostly a review of Hitchens’ book god is not great and laments the fact that religion (read: Christianity) is under attack. This article misses the point and misrepresents so many things I don’t even know where to begin.

 Speaking specifically about Hitchens’ god is not great,

Just for good measure he adds: ‘A misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal megalomaniac and capriciously malevolent bully.’ Does he think anyone believes in a God like that today?

It is not difficult to show the absurdities of the Old Testament myths: Genesis, for example, where Adam, having been created by God hungry for knowledge, is then banished for trying to obtain it.

The stories in Genesis and Exodus, like Jehovah’s obliging parting of the Red Sea and stopping of the sun in its tracks to enable the Israelites to complete some slaughter, are read nowadays by most thoughtful people as the myths they clearly are

I think the article shows exactly why someone with a liberal interpretation of the Bible has such a problem with books like The God Delusion and god is not great. They don’t get it. They don’t understand that there is a significant portion of the population (at least in the US) that believe that Adam was real, Christians (now) are god’s Chosen People and that we are in the End Times.

One more point to make before I go.

But Hitchens and Dawkins fulminate as though every believer has to accept wildly improbably episodes as ‘gospel’ along with the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth, which are the heart of the matter.

If you acknowledge that the Bible cannot be taken literally, how do you know which were Jesus’ teachings or some schmuck sadistic monk in the 6th century who added a couple of sentences (that clearly Jesus meant to say).

Ok one more thing,

“Science is far from complete – there is so much we still don’t know – but their assurance is that one day we will. “

Um I’ve read both books and neither said we will know everything. In fact, the more we learn the more we realize how much we don’t know. Science is however the only way in which we will ever have a chance of knowing everything. Dogma and the Bible will never reveal anything new. They are fixed in time and will retard our cultural and ethical evolution to the Bronze Age (Old Testament) or if we are lucky in the earliest centuries of the Common Era.

I swear I’ll stop

Dawkins calls non-thinking faith ‘evil’ but current cosmologists are required to believe that the universe must be full of Dark Matter which they can neither see nor measure. What an act of faith that requires!

Do I even need to explain to the author how grossly uneducated she is? I think she has no clue how real science works. This fundamental and I mean fundamental lack of understanding is the source of so much of this articles problems.

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2 Responses

  1. atheistperspective says:

    “Poor defenseless god” 🙂 Very true. I don’t think he needs any help really.

  2. Daniel Mustapha says:

    The self appointed human gods of our days will finally bring about the long awaited third world war. I beleive God is everything and I will not refer to God as he/him/her/she but a higher power. If I refer to my God as he/him/her/she that will only make me stope the mighty God to our shameful, disgraceful and regretful creation standards of us humans.

    I am so sad and tired of all the over religious people who take it upon themselves to destroy the lives of others in defending God. Remember God created you and me and has spiritual and all other forms of power over you and me not the other way round. the least these people can do is go back in time listen and practice the teachings of God and not to replace god with your individual spiritual agendas.

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