Aggregating Skeptical Thought


I wonder if the person behind (an excellent skeptic blog) knows about this cleverly named podcast/blog (plog?).  Here’s a link to a press release about an interview at with Raymond “Near-Death Experience” Moody.

The About Skeptiko section tells us that

Skeptiko is the first scientifically oriented Podcast exploring new research in controversial areas of science such as telepathy, psi, parapsychology, near-death-experience, reincarnation, and after-life encounters.

Except if you actually poke around their site and listen to the podcasts they are clearly advancing a very un-skeptical viewpoint. In fact, if you read their Agenda they are pretty clear about what they are trying to do.

Explore the possibility that the existing materialistic paradigm might be overturned (and may already be at a tipping point).

Maybe I’m reading that wrong but Materialistic Paradigm sounds like Reality to me.


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