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Global Climate Change skeptics finally silenced…

Just kidding. Here’s an article at the Daily Green title, Global Warming Skeptics’ Argument Debunked. The “Argument” debunked is the one where the Sun Heats the Earth and is therefore responsible for Global Warming. The article cites recent research that in fact shows that solar factors (independent of anything else) would have led to Global Cooling.

While this article is brief it doesn’t suffer from near as many other articles and blog posts that believe that this latest research will be the final nail in the coffin. Scientists can never offer that kind of “this is the final word” research that we would like have (or GW deniers will ever accept). Science can only continue to collect evidence and point to the overwhelming pile that accumulates as “proof” that something like humans are the primary cause for Global Warming and that any other conclusion must have some extraordinary proof in contradiction to the established overwhelming evidence.

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  1. roconnell says:

    Not just yet, this recent paper conflicts…so there still is no concensus

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