Aggregating Skeptical Thought

Is there a pill for that?

Apparently I suffer from Chronic Skepticism (and so does Michael Shermer). I wonder if there is a pill for that?

The author writes about the recent Larry King Live free-for-all Are UFOs Real? She bemoans that fact that anytime a paranormal or UFO crazy gets themselves on TV whether for some ratings stunt like this or one of them has a new outrageous claim about Atlantis or secret gubament conspiracies the producers of these shows have to have a skeptic. She even goes on to whine about how the same skeptics always seem to show up on these shows being big meanies to average people who want to share their stories (and by average she means someone selling a book).

She laments the fact that her beloved paranormal topics constantly have some skeptic debunking every last one of them except when someone makes a religious claim or mainstream religion speaks no skeptics are to be found. Huh? She is obviously watching the wrong shows. Anyway, even if her claim is true, the problem with not finding a skeptic is not the skeptics or atheists who are dying to have their voices heard its with the producers of these shows. She seems to half get that point but continues to whine about always have a someone with the capacity for critical-thinking interrupt her fantasy-fest.

I can assure her that if an atheist or skeptic could get on these shows where some preacher or priest is allowed to just endlessly spew their version of reality unchecked they would.


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