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Someone needs to shutup

Apparently I go on vacation for a few days and this idiot has to go and open up his big mouth. The president of ACORE allegedly sent a letter to a global warming expert telling him that he would ruin this guys career. If this turns out to be true I hope this guy is asked to resign from his position. He is clearly ready and able to do some damage to someone.

He should be fired for 2 reasons a) this is clearly an immoral thing to say and even further to do and b) he has clearly exposed the global conspiracy to control the world. This cannot be allowed. Of course, those who claim there is some kind of conspiracy only have to look at this example of idiocy to see that any attempt at such a conspiracy would fail very, very quickly. Unfortunately I have failed to find any confirmation from ACORE or Michael Eckhart on this one.

Filed under: Environment, Politics

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