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Skeptical Reading for Kids

I’m a regular lurker over on the JREF forums and came across the following post, More Great Books for Skepkids, regarding a brief list of books on skeptical thinking for kids of differing ages.

I did end up getting Dan Barker’s book, Maybe Yes, Maybe No – A Guide for Young Skeptics, which was perfectly written for 8-10 year olds (that obviously depends on your kids reading level, it could easily be younger, it is very short). I thought it was well written and I read it with my two boys (8 and 10), they didn’t seem overly excited and thought I was just being a science dork (guilty). It did however spur a conversation about not taking crazy claims at face value and what it takes to investigate something on your own, which in my opinion is worth it’s weight in gold.

I am picking through some of the titles mentioned for my next read with the kiddies, I try not to constantly bombard them with this stuff. Being preachy never accomplishes what you want, IMO.


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