Aggregating Skeptical Thought

Great article at The Independent, Meet the neighbours: Is the search for aliens such a good idea?, that talks about some of the latest astronomical discoveries and the ramifications of not simply listening for ET but actually sending them messages.

The article has some extensive quotes from some rather notable scientific figures, such as Jared Diamond, Carl Sagan and Freeman Dyson, all expressing reservations about making assumptions as to the benevolence (or malevolence) of another civilization.

I especially like the following from the article about Carl Sagan,

The late Carl Sagan, the American astronomer who died a decade ago, also worried about so-called “First Contact”. He recommended that we, the newest children in a strange and uncertain cosmos, should listen quietly for a long time, patiently learning about the universe and comparing notes. He said there is no chance that two galactic civilisations will interact at the same level. In any confrontation, one will always dominate the other.

The article also contains some interesting write-ups on alien first contact movies and past messages sent space.


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