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Top 5 Atheist Books contributor, John Wilson, proposes his Top 5 Books on Atheism, some of which I have never heard of. Damn, my reading list gets longer all the time.

I don’t normally ask for comments since I am content with disseminating information and letting those who stumble upon my blog wander off through the various links.

Having said that I am curious of what other books on atheism or even humanism (for or against, or simply about) you would recommend.

Here are the obvious big ones but what other more “obscure” ones would someone suggest. If I get enough responses I might start a new page for atheism/humanism reading suggestions.

Richard Dawkins []
The God Delusion

Daniel Dennett [website?]
Breaking the Spell

Sam Harris []
Letter to a Christian Nation
The End of Faith

Christopher Hitchens [ (Not sure if this official)]
god is not great

Eric Hoffer []
True Believer

Joan Konner [ (not sure if this correct, seems outdated)]
The Atheist’s Bible

Nicca Lalli []

Hemant Mehta []
I sold my soul on eBay

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5 Responses

  1. Bad says:

    I don’t know how any list can possibly miss George Smith’s “Atheism: The Case Against God” which is pretty much THE definitive tome on the subject.

    Smith is far more direct, focused, and developed than most of the popular authors writing today. It was written in the 80s, but since the arguments are directed at theism period, it’s basically timeless.

    An essential (sad to see it overlooked so much these days).

  2. I just finished “God: The Failed Hypothesis” by physicist Victor Stenger. I appreciated the book as it took on the latest theistic arguments about how god is evidenced in relativity and subatomic physics. Being an engineer, I got the distinct sense that the religious apologists purposely took refuge in such a foreign and abstract field of physics simply because few could speak intelligently on the matter. Even those who speak intelligently on the matter are understood by very few. Particle physics . . . the perfect obfuscation.

    As you can imagine with such subject matter, the bulk of book might be inaccessible to many readers. Still, he compellingly shows how the apologetics that use physics is just as watery and ill conceived as the conventional apologetics based on philosopy. It is a quick read and his final chapter “Living in a Godless Universe” (which is far more accessible to the populace) is quite excellent.

  3. Ken Perrott says:

    I have put together a number of recommended books (atheism and science oriented). I am always interested in hearing about more and appreciate your list.

  4. Skeptigator says:

    Mike Burns:
    I can’t believe I forgot about Victor Stenger, I’ve even read God: The Failed Hypothesis (which by the way a lot of that did go over my head).

    I’ve never heard of George Smith’s Atheism: A case against God; I will have to pick that bad boy up.

    Ken Perrott:
    Bertrand Russel is an author I’ve been wanting to read but it’s one of those classics you seem to never get around to.

  5. Bad says:

    It’s published (still, I believe) by Promethus books.

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