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$5 Dollar Fashion Faux Pas?

The new design of the $5 dollar bill has certainly taken a beating over its rather garish design. (here, here and here). While a significant portion of my job is designing software applications (web apps which have a unique challenge) and end-user usability is my primary concern. I have to agree with most “design-conscious” people that the new $5 dollar design is a bit of design trainwreck.

But the more I think about it, the purpose of the $5 (and software for that matter) has much to do with the design of its usability. One of the primary concerns with designing a new $5 is security and apparently distinguishing it from the $100. Some of the recent changes including the wonderfully large and distinct purple 5 is one of those changes that is sure to make it stand out.

Now what does this have to do with skepticism or atheism or science or any of the other things that I normally talk about. Um… I don’t really know I just thought it was fascinating. (Found via


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  1. hoverFrog says:

    In England our bank notes are all different sizes with the higher value ones being the larger. I’m not sure if it’s true but I’d heard that US currency is all the same size. If it is true then it’s a serious design flaw.

    I think that a larger number on the bill is useful but it should form part of the design. Fine, have a purple 5 but make the whole note purple rather than green. People won’t like it either way but it makes it distinct and that ensures that it serves it’s purpose.

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