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The subtle art of Disinformation

I am currently reading the compilation by Disinformation title “Everything You Know About God is Wrong: The Disinformation Guide to Religion”. There is so much good stuff in here. I haven’t even gotten a fraction of the way through the book and I already feel compelled to blog about the first essay.

 James A. Haught’s Everyone’s a Skeptic – About Other Religions makes a very good point. It even lists a number of core beliefs from a number of religions.

Douglas Rushkoff’s Faith = Illness: Why I’ve Had It With Religious Tolerance asks why can’t the Bible be book of stories? Why must it be a literal history? I’m not trying to give you too much but this section just sticks with me

… the stories in the Bible are less significant because they happened at some moment in history than because their underlying dynamics seem to be happening in all moments. We are all Cain, struggling with our feelings about a sibling who seems to be more blessed than we are. We are always escaping the enslaved metality of Egypt and the idolatry we practiced there. We are all Mordechai, bristling against the pressure to bow in subservience to our bosses.

But true believers don’t have this freedom…


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  2. Nice quote.

    Interesting blog you have here… right up my alley. Definitely going to stick around.

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