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Remembering Carl Sagan

Man, I have been grossly neglecting my blog.  I know you’ve missed me.

Anyway, 11 years ago today Carl Sagan died. 11 years ago I wasn’t really even aware of who Carl Sagan was and the real impact he was having in popularizing science. Hell, 11 years ago I was barely out of high school and not much into science. I can say that one of my favorite books is The Demon-Haunted World.

 Here’s a bunch of reading on Carl Sagan’s life and some commentary from people who actually remember him.

Here’s the entry on Wikipedia
Dec. 20, 1996: Science Loses Its Most Visible Public Champion @
11 years ago today, the light dimmed @ Bad Astronomy
His head is far beyond the clouds (good article about Neil Degrassi-Tyson, a man-crush of mine and is often compared with Carl Sagan)


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