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End of Faith & it’s little cousin

I completed reading Sam Harris’ Letter to a Christian Nation several weeks ago but found that it was very short (only about 100 pages) and that if I wanted to better understand Harris’ position I should read his longer and more in-depth book End of Faith.

End of Faith definitely has more meat than it’s little cousin. I especially enjoyed his discussions regarding the ethics of torture. Often when I read articles or interviews with Sam Harris he mentions yoga or meditation. He clearly finds value in this and mentions it regularly and End of Faith and Letter to a Christian Nation are no exception.

Both of these books have been on my list for quite some time and I have finally taken the time to read them. They are well worth a read if you enjoy Dawkins and Hitchens, his books have the same tone and essentially the same kind of content.

If you are looking for a Reader’s Digest version of End of Faith read Letter to a Christian Nation.


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  1. ronbrown says:

    Greetings. I’m writing to invite you to check out my blog, The Frame Problem. I think you will really like it as I’m covering many things that, based on what I’ve seen on this page, would very much of interest to you. The blog’s domains of consideration break down into a few clusters of related topics–and the clusters themselves are interrelated; they are: religion, secularism, science and politics (e.g., the Intelligent Design and Atheist movements); cognitive science and the cognitive science of religion and meditation; philosophical, cognitive science, and hopefully religious approaches to wisdom (what is it? how do we develop it?). An issue that I will be covering over the next 5 weeks or so with something like weekly writings is Scott Atran’s Psychology and Sociology research on Islamic terrorism and antipathy toward the West. I became interested in Atran because he is a highly esteemed cognitive scientist and anthropologist atheist who wants the same things that people like Harris and Dawkins want but who disagrees strongly with their views on the role of Islam in motivating terrorism–he argues that research suggests that religion has little to do with inspiring terrorists. Harris was for about 6 months my favourite atheist speaker and writer, but hearing from people like Atran have moved me to agnosticism on one of Harris’ biggest areas of discussion: Islam. I still like Harris and greatly value much of what he’s done, but I think it’s time to give Atran the mic for a bit.



  2. […] you are looking for the philosophical underpinnings of Sam Harris’ book End of Faith or a more in-depth treatise on atheism that Dawkins or Hitchens’ books don’t go then […]

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