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The Ultimate Infallible Cop-Out

As is being reported around the web, The Pope in his infallible wisdom is asking the faithful to pray that the Lord will root out pedophiles from the clergy. I can barely contain the anger I feel at the utter infallible stupidity of this. Gee, I don’t know, you infallible moron, why don’t you listen to your sheeple when they say, “Hey I think my 8 year old is being molested” and when 5 more people come forward and say the same thing. Hmmmmmm….. There might be something to these accusations.

Oh, I know why don’t you read the Philadelphia grand jury report that tells you EXACTLY how the priests did what they did, and the disgusting bishops who let them get away with it. I know what you could do how about punish no one, move around the bishops responsible for allowing this behavior to continue, oh wait, you’re doing that.

 Cardinal Hummes said that the aim was to put a definitive stop to a scandal that had damaged the image of the Church and forced US archdioceses, including Boston and Los Angeles, to pay millions of dollars in compensation to the victims. He said that the scandal was exceptionally serious, although it was probably caused by “no more than 1 per cent” of the 400,000 Catholic priests around the world.

Well I’m glad that it’s only contained to no more than 4,000 priests worldwide by the Catholic Church’s own esimate, I’m sure they aren’t being conservative in their numbers or anything. I’m also glad that the Church’s focus is on limiting their liability for compensating families because it’s really difficult to save face when you keep handing over gobs of cash.

The next thing you know some moron politician in a drought-stricken area will pray for rain. Sorry, this news item hit me at the end of a bad day.


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  1. doubtingthomas426 says:

    Wow, skeptigator, one of your angriest rants yet. I LOVE IT! I’m so glad I found your site, as it is always fun to check back in and see what has gotten under your skin this time. I find we are in agreement almost 100% of the time. I will NEVER, EVER understand how religionists can accept that their god allows the leaders of his religion to rape children, be discovered, be protected by the church, be moved to another location so they can continue their abuse, and rarely, if ever, be punished for their crimes. I could never worship a god who would allow such a thing. This kind of god is the definition of helpless, useless, and unreliable. I haven’t seen you on my site yet ( but I truly hope you will check it out as I need more rational thinkers like yourself commenting on my posts.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. doubtingthomas426 says:

    BTW, your site is already on my LINKS

  3. Skeptigator says:

    Normally I’m pretty laid back about things, and usually find religious nuttery humorous. But there is nothing funny about this one, like I said, it was the end of a bad day and felt compelled.

    I try to make a point to separate the religion’s teachings from the actions of it’s adherents, but when you are talking about the organized institutions that are the authoritative voice of that religion’s teachings for many people, I have to draw the line. I know it blurs the line between, Am I disgusted with Christianity or with the Catholic church but I try to keep a balance.

    By the way, I am reading your blog, I’m in general not a frequent commenter anyway, so please don’t take offense. I appreciate the link though.

    I have plans to get together a blogroll but haven’t made it a priority.

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