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I Am Legend Alternate Ending

I’ve been hearing rumors of an alternate ending to I Am Legend for about a week or so now. A recent post over at BadAstronomy just reminded me to go see if anything has been posted. Sure enough there are tons of YouTube postings of the video but of course they were all pulled for copyright infringement (which goes to show how little the movie studios understand but whatever).

I’ve found this link,, on a gamer site. I have no idea how long that link will work but as alwasy for anything like this your best bet is just google I Am Legend Alternate Ending and BitTorrent and you should be able to pull it off of your bittorrent client.

Anyway, having just finished watching the alt. ending, it is infinitely better than the released ending. In fact, the alternate ending sticks closer to the deeper meaning of the book it’s based on. Unfortunately there were so many things that were wrong with the movie that even this alternate ending still makes the movie a shadow of what it could have been.

I have an extensive spoiler-filled post here, in case you want a breakdown of differences between the book and the movie.


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  1. Ana says:

    I’ve found here the “I Am Legend” alternate ending which is available and working. This video is no longer available on youtube due to a copyright claim by Warner Bros, BayTSP

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