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The true meaning of Islam, Submission Part 1

Since I just posted on Ayaan Hirsi Ali’s book Infidel I thought I would provide a link to the short film that her and Theo van Gogh created, called Submission, Part I. It is a damning commentary on muslim attitudes towards women. The video was so inflammatory that it ended up getting Theo van Gogh killed.

If you read Infidel this short film will have so much more power for you. You will also have a better understanding why this film pissed off so many muslims (the truth hurts).

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6 Responses

  1. pauljub says:

    Thank you for sharing. The God of Abraham can only be accessed through His son, Jesus.

  2. […] Tip to Skeptigator, now featured on the blogroll. religion islam submission atheismPopularity: 1% [?] […]

  3. tuibguy says:

    Don’t mistake a denouncement of Islam for a pronouncement for Christianity. Christianity also does harm to women’s freedom.

  4. Skeptigator says:

    I think pauljub has a google search setup for Ayaan and just makes random statements on anyone’s blog who comments on her book, life or film. I was just going to ignore it, since it doesn’t really make sense.

    How did Abraham get to heaven, since he lived and died before Jesus? What’s that? Direct revelation gives him a free ticket? Ok fine, how did Abe’s descendants get to heaven with Jebus? I assume you can’t use the direct revelation excuse for them?

  5. Skeptigator says:

    tuibguy, thanx for the hat tip and blogroll add.

    By they way, do I know you? Your picture looks familiar? I’ve probably come across your blog before I guess.

  6. […] to reinforce the point, but still. As a film, it’s more like a PowerPoint presentation. The Hirsi Ali/Van Gogh film, Submission Part 1, was much more artisticly […]

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