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Arthur C. Clarke has died

I just read that Arthur C. Clarke has died (1917-2008) in his home in Sri Lanka. He is of course most famous for 2001: A Space Odyssey but I remember his work in the Rendezvous With Rama and the subsequent sequels.

The article reports that Clarke expressed the following three wishes,

for ethnically divided Sri Lanka to find a lasting peace, for the world to embrace cleaner energy resources, and for extraterrestrial beings to “call us or give us a sign.”

Interesting that he would wish for something better the people locally, something better for mankind in the present and for something amazing for mankind in the future.

On top of all of that I hear for the first time (which isn’t surprising since I don’t keep up with these things) that Rama is being made into a movie starring Morgan Freeman. I’m not holding out much hope, there is so much in those books that I don’t know how they are going to make them into a decent movie.


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