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Random Stuff I Read

Every wanted to know what I read on a daily basis? I’d like know myself. So I kept a browser up all day and every time I read something online I just left the article up just to see the kind of stuff I read in one day.

Here’s the analysis of the 54 webpages I left up and running (holy crap!).

1) Roughly half were skepticism or freethought related (No surprises there), sites like

2) I did have about 4 articles up from my new favorite blog, It’s an economics plus skepticism blog from one of the SGU Rogue’s Gallery bloggers, Jon Blumenfeld.

3) About a quarter of my articles were local or national news items

4) and then just a bunch of random stuff that I don’t even know how to classify,

So there you have it, the semi-eclectic readings of Skep


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2 Responses

  1. Jon Blumenfeld says:

    Hey, skeptigator, thanks for the kind words, you good-looking exemplar of hyper intelligence!!!!

  2. Skeptigator says:

    Well now… flattery will get you everywhere around here 😉

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