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And in case you didn’t know the Republican National Convention is going on as we speak

  • Welcome to John McCain’s Party ( I believe the commetntary last night talked about the surreal nature of Joe Lieberman’s speech, I agree, wtf? But then I find out that McCain wanted to pick Lieberman as his VP until the social conservative members of his party overruled him. Wait? I thought McCain was a party maverick and would kowtow to the Party*.
  • Gustav, global warming and Sarah Palin ( That’s funny, Sarah Palin has the same last name as that Bristol girl.

*  Subject to approval by The Party, apparently

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The new science of Genography

Science is reporting, “Genography” puts¬†European ancestry on the map, on recent research out of the University of California.

Population geneticist, John Novembre (cool name, btw), plotted the genetic fingerprints of 1300+ Europeans on a map and found that our DNA provided a “sort of global positioning system” for where your genes originated. Check out the map that accompanies the article, it vaguely looks like the continent of Europe.

Now they had a highly prejudicial sample population, specifically that each person tested was clearly associated (through to their grandparents) to a specific region. So the likelihood that “foreign” DNA wouldn’t likely be introduced for several generations but still an interesting process. This process could simply look at your DNA and not only tell you that you were from Switzerland but likely what village or set of villages you came from.

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Obama answers your science questions

As reported by ABCNews and Wired, Obama answers your science questions.

At this point it appears that neither candidate will be participating in the ScienceDebate2008. So the fine folks trying to get at least some information on each candidates science policy offered up 14 questions for each campaign to answer. No word yet on McCain’s answers.

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