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Ear Food

I actually like the Brain Food section I have created (patting myself on teh back) so I’ve decided to create a new page called Ear Food (because Podcasts is too lame and Ear Food is way more hip).

Anyway here is a collection and short write-up of some of my favorite podcasts. I’ll try to include links to their homepage(s), and whatever else I think is interesting. I know you can get any of these podcasts through iTunes.

The Amazing Show with James Randi
  Description: Hosted by Justin Robert Young and features the Amazing James Randi himself. Each podcast is about 15-20 minutes long and offers another peak into the mind of perhaps one of the most well-known skeptics out there, James Randi.
You just can’t go wrong with this one.
Astronomy Cast
  Description: Hosted by Frasier Cane and Dr. Pamela Gay.
Each podcast is about 30-45 minutes and features all kinds of astronomy goodies.
Humanist Network News
  Description: Hosted by Jess Constantine and Duncan Crary. Each podcast is about
an hour and features the latest humanist news and interviews.
Mr. Deity
  Description: Hilarious Video Podcast featuring the big man himself.
Point of Inquiry
  Description: Hosted by D.J. Grothe, the Point of Inquiry podcast is created in association with the Center for Inquiry. They post a new podcast every week. I’ve listened enough I should be able to quote this but to paraphrase, PoI focuses “on the intersection of science and religion”.
Each podcast runs about 30-40 minutes and features a guest.
Skepticality – The official podcast of Skeptic magazine
  Description: Hosted by Derek and Swoopy. They post a new podcast about every 2 weeks. Each show usually features an interview and runs anywhere from 30-60 minutes. As there name states they are the official podcast
of Skeptic magazine.
The Skeptic’s Guide to the Universe
  Description: Hosted by Dr. Steven Novella with co-hosts Jay Novella, Evan Bernstein, Bob Novella and Rebecca Watson. They post a new podcast weekly. Each show features the latest news for the week, an interview, truth or fiction, skeptical quote and a puzzle. And unfortunately the untimely death of co-host Perry DeAngelis ended an endlessly funny and informative debate about the superiority of birds or primates. Go primates!!!
The Way of Reason (An Infidel Guy Production)
  Description: Hosted by Reginald Finley AKA The Infidel Guy.
He posts a new podcast weekly. Each show features a guest and is podcasted live. You can call in and ask the guest a question or you can join in the chat room and have the Infidel Guy ask the guest your question. His podcasts generally focus on topics of religion, atheism and reason.

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