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Pope thinks pedophilia is wrong… at last.

I would like to first congratulate the pope on finally acknowledging in the strongest language possible that the sex abuse by catholic priests was wrong and that it is completely incompatible with catholicism. Sad that it even has to be said but important that he said.

“I am deeply ashamed and we will do what is possible so this cannot happen again in the future,”…

“We will absolutely exclude pedophiles from the sacred ministry,” Benedict said, speaking in English. “It is more important to have good priests than many priests. We will do everything possible to heal this wound.”

Pedophilia is “absolutely incompatible” with the priesthood,” Benedict said.

About freakin’ time. It only took you 7 years after publicly being embarrassed about it. Of course, like any closed group they won’t say what they are doing to stop it, what they are doing to existing priests (read the Philadelphia Grand Jury report if you can stomach it) but a strong condemnation is important. The only complaint (well…) I have is the following comment,

“It is a great suffering for the church in the United States and for the church [in] general and for me personally that this could happen,” Benedict said. “It is difficult for me to understand how it was possible that priests betray in this way their mission … to these children.”

Poor pope and his suffering [please read with as much derision and condescension as possible). Try being a 12 year old boy forced to wear a diaper and chained in a priests bedroom. You Douche Bag!!!

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The Ultimate Infallible Cop-Out

As is being reported around the web, The Pope in his infallible wisdom is asking the faithful to pray that the Lord will root out pedophiles from the clergy. I can barely contain the anger I feel at the utter infallible stupidity of this. Gee, I don’t know, you infallible moron, why don’t you listen to your sheeple when they say, “Hey I think my 8 year old is being molested” and when 5 more people come forward and say the same thing. Hmmmmmm….. There might be something to these accusations.

Oh, I know why don’t you read the Philadelphia grand jury report that tells you EXACTLY how the priests did what they did, and the disgusting bishops who let them get away with it. I know what you could do how about punish no one, move around the bishops responsible for allowing this behavior to continue, oh wait, you’re doing that.

 Cardinal Hummes said that the aim was to put a definitive stop to a scandal that had damaged the image of the Church and forced US archdioceses, including Boston and Los Angeles, to pay millions of dollars in compensation to the victims. He said that the scandal was exceptionally serious, although it was probably caused by “no more than 1 per cent” of the 400,000 Catholic priests around the world.

Well I’m glad that it’s only contained to no more than 4,000 priests worldwide by the Catholic Church’s own esimate, I’m sure they aren’t being conservative in their numbers or anything. I’m also glad that the Church’s focus is on limiting their liability for compensating families because it’s really difficult to save face when you keep handing over gobs of cash.

The next thing you know some moron politician in a drought-stricken area will pray for rain. Sorry, this news item hit me at the end of a bad day.

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I’m not feeling so good

I continue to work my way through Disinformation’s Everything You Know About God Is Wrong. (See more Brain Food). I have come to the following Chapter/Essay, whatever, titled simply, Philadelphia Grand Jury Report: On Abusive Priests and the Cardinals Who Enabled Them. It is just that the full Grand Jury Report from the 2005 investigation into sexual abuse by Catholic priests in the Philadelphia Archdiocese. Here’s the link to the full report, while not terribly long it is something you really need to be prepared to read.

I am normally pretty passive when people talk about their personal beliefs and only draw the line when it turns into proselytizing or begins to impact me and my family (through legislation, intolerance, etc.). I even make the occasional, “watch out for the Catholic priest” jokes. But after reading the grand jury report my stomach is quite literally nauseous and those jokes don’t seem so funny anymore.

63 priests (63!!!) were shuffled over decades (50+ years in one instance) through dozens of parishes (even out of the diocese when they ran out safe places within the diocese) and were (and continue to be) exposed to hundreds of children. These were systematically covered up by the all too willing Cardinals who were clearly more interested in protecting themselves and the image of the church than these children. People were fired for exposing this, children were beaten, ridiculed and suspended for daring to speak out. This was just one archdiocese.

And even worse, this abuse was so well documented even in the parish records yet no one can be convicted because the statute of limitations ran out. Statute of Limitations?!?!?!? Like what? Do the sodomized 8 year-old boys just get over their rape after 10 years or so? A certain Father Mulholland (who was documented by the Grand Jury in a handful of cases to have victims who were subjected to being bound and tortured and the simultaneous rape of 2 boys) is still an active member of the clergy (at the time of the report), yet the “events” took place too long ago and the statute of limitations has run out. WTF?????????

I have to somehow separate the acts of these perverts from the religion itself but how can you? How can you separate the actions of the men in charge of this religion from the obvious depravation with which they are managing their “flock”. And I’m not talking about the priests who did the molesting but the Cardinals in charge of an entire archdiocese, the very men who are but a level below the Pope himself (the supposed infallible heir to Jesus authority until his return). These guys had such overwhelming evidence (including confessions by the priests themselves) that this stuff was happening for decades by the same priests.

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