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Alan Wiseman on Jon Stewart

Previous to the Colbert Report last nightJon Stewart had Alan Wiseman, author of The World Without Us, as a guest. I will repost when the video shows up on the Mother Load.

 Also check out the link to the book’s website, there are a bit corny “Your house without you” animation and better but too short “New York Without us” slideshow.

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Shermer vs. Colbert

Dr. Michael Shermer of Skeptic Magazine was on The Colbert Report last night. The video isn’t on ComedyCentral yet but I will re-edit when it is. I think Shermer did a good job getting in some information about 9/11 conspiracies, moon landings and UFO-ology. He even got a good plug for science in as well, I believe the quote was something to the effect of “Science is our best way of understanding the world we live in”. I also believe that Colbert’s response was  reality is whatever he decides or what the market determines

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