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Polish UFO video

I just stumbled upon this site that shows a UFO in Gdansk, Poland. Very cool, oh btw it’s not real. Surprise!

It’s an art project by Peter Coffin and Cinimod Studios. Very cool photos of how it was put together. That would’ve been great to be involved with

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The Renaissance of UFOs

I have always been fascinated with UFO and aliens and bigfoot and Loch Ness and all those other stories that we humans tell each other are real. And to be honest I bought most of it. Some of the stuff seemed like a stretch at the time but I wanted to believe so badly.

Even after my mind grew more skeptical (long before I discovered Skepticism), I always found the “historical” paintings and renderings of what seemed like UFO’s to be so compelling. These things always had a big question mark over them. I now know that the biggest problem with interpreting an object/rendering in a particular painting as a UFO out of the context of the painting is a big no-no.

I was clearing out my RSS reader and somehow missed this little gem from, UFO’s in Renaissance Paintings Explained.

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Is It Real?

If you get a chance to check out National Geographic’s Is It Real? program you should. It’s a great example of skeptical investigation. It is not like those crappy History channel-token skepticism UFO specials. This is a show that sets up the paranormal claims and then gives skeptics a decent platform for explaining not only their position but how they come to their positions.

They frequently have James Randi as a guest and the last one I saw involving hauntings featured Richard Wiseman.

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